Expo West Sneak Peak: Paprika Zeaxanthin

OmniActive says its OmniXan ingredient is the only source of natural zeaxanthin from paprika.

OmniActive Health Technologies will be showcasing its new eye health ingredient offering OmniXan. OmniXan is the only source of natural zeaxanthin from paprika, a whole-food, U.S.-grown GRAS source that has long been a part of the human diet. Zeaxanthin, a primary pigment in the center of the macula, is vital in protecting the ocular tissue from oxidative damage. Because 3R, 3’R zeaxanthin cannot be produced by the body, this essential nutrient must be supplied through diet or supplementation. OmniXan delivers high quality and safe 3R, 3’R zeaxanthin and is offered in a variety of delivery platforms for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverage applications.

OmniActive Health Technologies

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