Expo West Sneak Peak: Kosher Natural Colors

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One company is selling kosher colorants-even from grapes.

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates (SJVC) is the largest supplier of natural anthocyanin colors to the food and beverage industry.  The company offers a wide range of intensities and shades in liquid and crystal form, made from blends of Rubired grape, purple carrot, and purple sweet potato. All of SJVC’s products-even including its grape products-are OU Kosher.

The company’s latest natural color is Rosé Shade: a natural pink shade containing the color intensity and hue of purple sweet potato. The unique fruit and vegetable anthocyanin blend is affordable and has superior color stability, says SJVC. See how Rosé Shade can change your color game by visiting SJVC’s booth at Engredea.

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates

Booth #427