Enzymotec Implements New Krill Oil Purity Standards


The company will now highlight levels of two purity-related compounds in its krill oil ingredients.

Enzymotec (Israel), a manufacturer of krill oil products, has stated that it will implement some additional safety standards for its pure and high-potency grade krill oils.

Data sheets for the company’s krill oil ingredients will now include levels of tri methyl amine (TMA) and total volatile nitrogen (TVN), compounds that can indicate freshness of a marine product.

“It is well established that during the [processing] of sea food, including fish and krill oil spoilage, TMA, ammonia and other basic nitrogenous compounds are produced and together make up the very potent and well recognized ‘foul’ odor of sea food,” explained Eyal Afergan, a member of Enzymotec’s process development team. “The most common chemical parameters for assessing the freshness for unprocessed marine based products are TVN and TMA.”

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