Enhanced-Absorption Supplements System VESIsorb Gives Exclusive Rights to Metagenics Supplements Brand in Australia, New Zealand


Ingredients supplier SourceOne Global Partners LLC (Chicago) signed the exclusive long-term agreement with Health World Ltd.

VESIsorb, a delivery system designed to enhance absorption of nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients, is now being used exclusively by the Metagenics dietary supplements brand in the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Ingredients supplier SourceOne Global Partners LLC (Chicago), whose research partner is VESIsorb’s developer Vesifact AG (Baar, Switzerland), signed the exclusive long-term agreement with Health World Ltd., the owner of the Metagenics brand. The agreement gives Health World rights to the patented system, not only for Metagenics in the health care professional channel but also for the company’s Ethical Nutrients brand in the pharmacy and retail health food markets.

The VESIsorb system is described as a colloidal delivery system. As SourceOne states on its website:

This totally unique and unmatched system dramatically improves the absorption of an array of insoluble or poorly soluble nutrients, enabling them to completely dissolve in water, consequently providing the ability to maximize the effectiveness and beneficial results of every ingredient that utilizes this process. It is far superior to any competitive product or process, as its unique self-assembling process goes to work instantly, producing a solution that is completely dissolved and never settles out.

Health World Ltd. has already launched two products featuring VESIsorb: Ethical Nutrients Hi-Strength Q10 Absorb 6X and Metagenics Bio Q-Absorb.

“This partnership is extremely strategic and timely,” says Jesse Lopez, SourceOne’s founder and CEO. “The increasingly competitive global marketplace necessitates collaboration efforts between suppliers and leading brand marketers.

In addition to using VESIsorb for CoQ10 formulas, SourceOne has also in the past featured the technology with ingredients such as omega-3.

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