EFSA Says Sodium and Potassium Sulphates Safe for Food Supplements

The compounds were regarded for safe maximum intake levels.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA; Parma, Italy) has confirmed the safety of consuming up to 100 mg of potassium sulphate and 200 mg of sodium sulphate daily in food supplements.

EFSA’s panel determined that both water-soluble compounds can be taken up in the digestive system, serving as bioavailable sources of potassium or sodium. Potassium sulphate and sodium sulphate are approved in the EU as food additives with no specified Acceptable Daily Intakes.

EFSA’s panel went on to conclude that these compounds are not believed to pose safety risks, since maximum levels prescribed for both sulphates combined falls under the panel’s established acceptable intake maximum for sulphate ions of 6 g/day. The established maximum for sulphate ions was deemed safe by EFSA in 2008.