DuPont Simplifies Greek Yogurt with Cultures Blend


A five-in-one cultures blend lowers the risk of formulation errors.

Witness to the rising popularity of Greek-style yogurt, DuPont Nutrition & Health (New Century, KS) wants simplify the product for manufacturers by offering Yo-Mix Greek-a five-in-one cultures blend for Greek yogurts.

Yo-Mix Greek combines five common dairy cultures into a single solution, and this lowers the potential for formulation and mixing errors that can result from purchasing individual starter strains. The product is also designed to have a mild dairy flavor because, according to DuPont cultures product manager Jeff Lambeseder, “U.S. consumers prefer a mild-tasting yogurt with less tang.”

According to recent Nielsen statistics, Greek yogurt now makes up 35% of the U.S. yogurt category.

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Nils Hoem and Nutritional Outlook editor Sebastian Krawiec
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