DuPont Nutrition & Health Markets EDTA Alternative for Food Emulsions

Guardian Chelox L is now available for use in the United States and Europe.

Guardian Chelox L (EU) is the newest natural food protection ingredient from DuPont Nutrition & Health (Copenhagen), formerly Danisco. The ingredient is intended for supporting freshness and flavor of high-lipid emulsions, such as mayonnaise, dressing, margarine, and other spreads.

DuPont’s launch of Guardian Chelox L gives the food industry a new alternative to EDTA and other synthetic antioxidants commonly used for food preservation. Having already launched in the United States in February, DuPont’s EU version contains a rosemary extract that satisfies EU requirements.

DuPont says internal tests with Guardian Chelox L have yielded food protection benefits similar to EDTA. The new ingredient joins the company’s line of Guardian natural extracts.