Drink Pioneers: Beets in a Bottle


Marketers are bringing new ingredients-from cactus to hibiscus-to the ready-to-drink arena.

Beets have never looked better in beverages. With style aplenty, Love Beets is one of a few companies taking beets to the bottle. The company, which also sells other beet treats, including beet bars, launched its Organic Beet Juice this January. “Our beet juice is single-strength, meaning we don’t add any water or other liquids to dilute it. It’s beet juice, and that’s it!” explains marketing manager Natasha Shapiro, who says there are also no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors present.

“Beet juice has been getting a lot of attention from researchers, doctors, nutritionists, and fitness enthusiasts for the high nitrate content in beets and the amazing ways it affects the body,” Shapiro adds. Studies, including one recently published in Hypertension, link drinking beet juice with lower blood pressure. “Healthy bacteria on your tongue actually transforms the nitrates found in beets and beet juice into nitrites, or nitric oxide (NO), which is often hailed as the ‘miracle molecule.’ NO naturally improves oxygen and blood flow around your brain, heart, and muscles, making it beneficial for heart health, blood pressure, and improving exercise performance and stamina,” Shapiro says.

Love Beets was nominated for a 2015 NEXT Award at Natural Products Expo West. Shapiro says that health-conscious consumers are increasingly attracted to beet juice. “We’re seeing a definite trend of consumers being drawn to vegetable-based juices, which is great!”

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Photo from Love Beets

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