Drink Pioneers: Beet Juice for Sports Performance


Marketers are bringing new ingredients-from cactus to hibiscus-to the ready-to-drink arena.

As previously reported by Nutritional Outlook, demand is growing for nitric oxide-boosting ingredients in sports supplements. It seems natural, then, to take the benefits of beet juice straight to endurance athletes among others.

Beet Performer is a brand doing just that. Launched early this year, the company says it is the first all-natural beet juice sold in a can. “The beet-based RTD category has been growing for several years, given the many great benefits of beet juice,” says president Matt Herzog. “Beet juice has been found to improve stamina and strength, boosting athletic performance. Beet juice also lowers blood pressure.” Natural grocery stores like Sprouts, as well as Amazon.com, are now selling the product.

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Photo from Beet Performer

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Nils Hoem and Nutritional Outlook editor Sebastian Krawiec
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