Douglas Labs, Garden of Life Owner Invests in Metabolic Syndrome Research


Atrium Innovations Inc. (Quebec City, QC, Canada) is investing in a $5 million research program to study nutritional therapies for metabolic syndrome.

Canadian supplements company Atrium Innovations Inc. (Quebec City, QC, Canada), whose brands include Douglas Laboratories and Garden of Life, is investing in a multiyear, $5 million research program to study nutritional therapies for metabolic syndrome-research that the company hopes to apply to its own branded products.

“Atrium’s research involves gaining a better understanding of metabolic syndrome and investigating the impact of nutrition on the prevention and treatment of silent inflammation associated with this condition,” the company stated.

Specifically, the company’s research will focus on the healthy benefits of small fruits, the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of specific fish oil fractions in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, probiotics, and systemic enzyme therapy.

Research will be conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods and will take place at research center Université Laval. Studies will also be supported by government funds.

“We have always believed in the importance of research,” stated company president and CEO Pierre Fitzgibbon. “Applying a more sophisticated, science-based approach to our whole spectrum of products, we have the ability to positively affect the quality of life of people by helping them maintain their health and prevent serious diseases.”

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