Dieticians Support Carb-Control Supplements


Pharmachem Laboratories surveyed 106 dieticians to find they were overwhelmingly supportive of the use of carb-controllers for weight management.

Results of a 2010 survey of 106 dieticians at the American Dietetic Association’s Annual Food & Nutrition Conference indicate that over 75% of dieticians would suggest a carb-control supplement to their patients.

Pharmachem Laboratories announced the results of the survey earlier this month.

“Consumers need carbohydrates, but often they eat too many of these comfort foods, leading to weight and blood sugar issues,” said Laura Garrett, MS, RD, CFE, who administrated the survey for Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (Kearny, NJ). “Consequently, a supplement that reduces starch digestion and absorption can be a valuable tool in helping consumers adhere to their meal plans.”

Pharmachem has an offering of this kind in its Phase 2 Carb Controller. The ingredient is backed by several human clinical trials. Check out Phase 2’s website for more information on this all-natural carbohydrate controller.

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