Demystifying the Prebiotic and Postbiotic Markets



Webinar Date/Time: Tue, May 28, 2024 1:00 PM EDT

Demystifying prebiotics and postbiotics so that you can make the most of these burdgeoning ingredients.

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Event Overview:

Our knowledge of the microbiome continues to grow and become more sophisticated. As a result, dietary supplements have become more innovative, offering support beyond the gut into areas such as brain and skin health. There is also growing interest in products outside of probiotics, such as prebiotics and postbiotics. The dynamic between pre-, pro-, and postbiotic can be confusing, particularly when so much focus has been placed on probiotics. This webcast puts a spotlight on prebiotics and postbiotics to lay out the facts and clarify misconceptions.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Define prebiotics and postbiotics
  • Explore the existing scientific literature
  • Bust myths about prebiotics and postbiotics

Who Should Attend:

  • Brand owners
  • Product formulators
  • Marketing professionals


Sandra Saville, RD
Director of Education and Communication
International Probiotics Association

Sandra Saville is the Director of Education and Communication for the International Probiotics Association (IPA). Sandra is a health care practitioner and communicator with diverse expertise in food, nutrition and health, a Registered Dietitian (ON, Canada). She is a past board member and advisor with the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. Sandra has been extensively involved in microbiome research, prebiotics, probiotics and education, presenting on the link between the microbiome and health to health care professionals, consumers and industry. Sandra is also the co-founder of two prebiotic companies, and is the President of Microbiome Experts Inc. and Saville Nutrition Consulting. Sandra is enthusiastic about the power of the microbiome for health!

Jessica A. Younes, PhD
Scientific Director
International Probiotics Association

Jessica A. Younes, PhD has been IPA's Scientific Director since 2018, bringing both commercial and academic scientific expertise from international biotic supplement, pharmaceutical, and nutrition sectors. She specializes in women’s health and holds a PhD in Medical Microbiology and an MSc Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences. Spearheading IPA’s efforts to protect the scientific integrity of the biotic family, she additionally drives a proactive scientific agenda and helps to define and solidify the scientific identity and reputation for the Association. Passionate about all things related to microbes, products, and people, but especially the strategic and responsible translation of biotic science. When you speak with her next, ask this question: “which biotic would win at a game of chess”? You might just be surprised at her answer.

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