Del Monte Premieres Stevia-Sweetened Juices


The Naturally Light juice drinks are available in the United Kingdom.

Del Monte has released new Naturally Light juice drinks sweetened with sugar and zero-calorie stevia. Available in the United Kingdom, the beverages provide just half of the sugars and calories found in Del Monte’s standard juices and juice drinks.

“We have listened closely to consumers’ health concerns and know that there is a real demand for healthy, natural drinks with lower sugar and calories,” says Tony Gill, commercial director at Del Monte UK. “Del Monte Naturally Light fits the bill perfectly, with a high juice and vitamin content but just half the sugar and calories of standard juice and juice drinks.”

Naturally Light is available in three flavors: mango and papaya, pineapple and lime, and superfruits. A 250-ml serving provides 50 to 63 calories, 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C and 50% of the RDA for vitamins B, E, and selenium.

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