CRN Begins New Year with Six New Members


New members are voting members Chr. Hansen, Cyvex Nutrition, InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Nature’s Gifts International, and Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, and associate member Dicentra Inc.

Source: The Council for Responsible Nutrition

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 11, 2012-The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the dietary supplement industry’s leading trade association, rings in 2012 with the addition of six new members: Voting Members-Chr. Hansen Inc., headquartered in Denmark; Cyvex Nutrition Inc., headquartered in Irvine, Calif.; InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc., headquartered in Bencia, Calif.; Nature’s Gifts International Inc., headquartered in Los Alamitos, Calif.; and Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc., headquartered in Quebec City; and Associate Member-Dicentra Inc., headquartered in Toronto.

Chr. Hansen Inc. is a developer of natural ingredient solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries. With U.S. offices in Milwaukee, Wis., Chr. Hansen employees total 2,300 in 30 countries. In the U.S., the company is best known for its probiotics, dairy enzymes and natural colors.

 Cyvex Nutrition Inc., a subsidiary of nutritional ingredient company Omega Protein Corporation, is a supplier of standardized and branded ingredients to the dietary supplement and food industries. The firm’s signature branded ingredients include Bio Vin–Full Spectrum Grape Extract, Bio Vinca–Vinpocetine, and Berry Vin–High ORAC berries.

InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc. is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of specialty and proprietary nutritional ingredients for use in dietary supplements and nutraceutical foods and beverages. InterHealth focuses on providing products for cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, joint health and weight management.

Nature’s Gifts is a provider of high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements. Focused on quality and potency, the firm prides itself on the fact that its innovative and cost-effective supplement products are made from high quality ingredients that are sourced from the world's best raw materials and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities.

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. is a pioneer in research, development and commercialization of krill extracts with health benefits for cardiovascular, cognitive, joint and women’s health. Neptune is continuously expanding its IP portfolio as well as clinical studies and regulatory approvals. Neptune’s krill products (NKO® & EKO™) are distributed in over 30 countries worldwide.

An international leader in regulatory and scientific affairs within the natural health product, dietary supplement, food, beverage, cosmetic and OTC industries, for over ten years dicentra has been helping clients resolve complex scientific issues, develop safe and effective market-leading products, and facilitate timely regulatory global approvals. The firm has advised hundreds of major, medium and small-sized companies, financial institutions, governments, associations, law firms and individual investors on the regulatory and scientific aspects of product creation and maintenance.

For a complete list of CRN member companies, visit CRN’s website.

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