Cranberry Seed Oil Ingredient for Skin Health?


Fruit d’Or’s Cran Bella is the supplier’s latest cranberry ingredient to go beyond urinary tract health.

Continuing the momentum of its new ingredient launches over the past few months, Fruit d’Or (Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, QC, Canada) has announced the debut of Cran Bella, a proprietary cranberry seed oil ingredient designed to promote skin health.

Between its mix of omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 fatty acids, as well as a high concentration of polyphenols and phytosterols, the new ingredient is intended to offer a multitude of nourishing and restorative benefits to overall skin health, according to a press release.

“Cran Bella cranberry seed oil is one of the most unsaturated oils on the market, making it an ideal moisturizing ingredient,” Lukawski says. “With a combination of 85% fatty acids, this fruit oil may protect and re-establish the protective lipid barrier of the skin. Excellent oxidative stability, a pleasant odor and texture, and the ideal 1:1 ration of omega 3 to omega 6, cranberry seed oil combined with omega 9 is perfect for skin care applications.”

Cran Bella’s essential fatty acids are intended to aid in the formation and maintenance of cellular membranes and reduce inflammation that may contribute to signs of pre-mature aging. The polyphenols are meant to aid in reversing and protecting against UV-mediated skin damage, and the phytosterol content may “enhance the protection and repair of damaged tissue, soothe exposure-induced inflammation, and reduce itchiness in irritated skin,” according to a press release.

Cran Bella is produced through cold-pressed extraction, explains Lukawski, which allows for the essential fatty acids to be separated from the biological matrix without reducing the quality. Lukawski also says this method of extraction preserves the cranberry seed oil’s phospholipid content and retains the natural antioxidants.

Due to the “protective elements of its high vitamin E content,” Fruit d’Or also posits Cran Bella as an alternative to synthetic sources of vitamin E for products requiring enhanced stability.

Cran Bella is the latest addition to Fruit d’Or’s portfolio of cranberry ingredients designed for applications besides urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is appropriate for formulations in soft gel and cosmetic applications, says Lukawski.

“Cran Bella joins Oral Cran, Lacto Cran, and Cran Naturelle with probiotics in our growing line of specific cranberry ingredients for targeted health support beyond UTIs,” says Lukawski.


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