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SolaStay S1 is a viscous yellow liquid that helps to prevent light-sensitive ingredients, including UV filters, from degrading. The ingredient can be easily incorporated into the oil phase of emulsions and has good solvency for crystalline UV filters. The company says that SolaStay S1 can protect UV filters such as avobenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate, and that it outperforms octocrylene as an avobenzone photostabilizer. A higher concentration of SolaStay S1 achieves a greater photostabilizing effect. The ingredient can be incorporated into lotions, creams, sprays, sticks, and gels.
The HallStar Co.
Chicago, IL; www.hallstar.com

Frutarom Inc. USA has forged an agreement to market ingredients from French supplier Copalis. The first offering to result from this partnership is Collactive, a natural antiwrinkle ingredient targeting the beauty-from-within category. Meant to be taken orally, Collactive is a marine-based ingredient composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio found naturally in the skin. Collactive is said to act against wrinkles by toning sagging areas, increasing skin-moisture retention, and minimizing lines and wrinkles. Collactive can be easily applied to clear beauty beverages.
Frutarom USA Inc.
North Bergen, NJ; www.frutarom.com

Bayer MaterialScience LLC has introduced its polyurethane-based Baycusan C cosmetic ingredient line to North America. The line consists of four solvent-free aqueous polyurethane dispersions that serve as film formers, as well as a polyurethane powder that serves as a sensory aid. The company's exclusive manufacturing process ensures that products are manufactured free of cross-contaminants, preservatives, and organic solvents.
Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Pittsburgh, PA; www.bayercosmetics.com

French fragrance house MANE used The Dow Chemical Co.'s water-based microemulsion technology to create alcohol-free fragrance formulations that have the same concentration of fragrance oils as traditional alcohol-based perfumes. Typically, alcohol is used to dissolve fragrance oil and is preferred in its ability to quickly carry a scent's top notes through the air. With Dow's microemulsion technology, MANE was able to evenly disperse fragrance oils in water, without using alcohol. The patent-pending innovation received the 2009 FiFi Technological Breakthrough of the Year award.
The Dow Chemical Co.
Midland, MI; www.dowpersonalcare.com


Apalight is a new SPF booster introduced by Kalichem Italia through its U.S. representative, Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. According to Extracts & Ingredients, Apalight has been tested in several types of sunscreen formulas and outperformed standard sunscreen-grade TiO2 by increasing SPF by as much as 18% more than TiO2. Apalight is an all-natural mineral ingredient based on hydroxyapatite, a calcium-based phosphate. The company says that because of the presence of calcium, Apalight can also be considered a skin-friendly product with potential antiaging activity.
Extracts & Ingredients Ltd.
Union, NJ; www.extractsandingredients.com

Since May, Symrise has offered Ecocert-certified cosmetic formulations containing its botanical active ingredient, SymRelief. SymRelief is an active agent for countering skin irritation and contains alpha-bisabolol derived from the oil of the candeia plant, which grows in endangered rainforests.
Holzminden, Germany; www.symrise.com

Idealift by Sederma contains a proprietary lipodipeptide that exhibits good stimulating results on elastic synthesis. According to the company, Idealift fights against cutaneous sagging and decreases visible effects of gravity on the skin. The ingredient's efficacy was demonstrated in vitro by measuring elastic synthesis.
Sederma SAS
Le Perray-en-Yvelines, France; www.sederma.fr

Salsothin G, a new active ingredient from Codif Recherche & Nature, is an Ecocert-approved extract of Suaeda maritima, a plant rich in natural betaines. According to the supplier, betaines are known for their emulsifying properties, which act on large lipid droplets to break them up and make them more accessible to lipolytic agents. Fats are thus burned and eliminated more effectively, and the size of the adipocytes is reduced. When combined with lipolytic agents, Salsothin G increases their activity.
Codif Recherche & Nature
Saint Malo, France; www.codif-recherche-et-nature.com

BiotechMarine has introduced Thalassine 2, a new water-soluble Matricaria maritima extract that acts on the expression of cutaneous neurotransmitters to limit contractions and relax the cells. At the same time, the company says that it contributes to restoring an optimal three-dimensional architecture of skin cells by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. The company says that it is ideal for formulations for sensitive skin to prevent fatigue marks or expression lines.
Adina Cosmetic Ingredients
Kent, UK

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