Cosmetic Product Uses Resveratrol and Keratin


Reserveage Organics says its Keratin Booster is the world's first solubilized keratin.

Resveratrol products manufacturer Reserveage Organics (Gainesville, FL) has announced the launch of Keratin Booster, a cosmetic product featuring resveratrol, keratin, and biotin.

Keratin Booster is “the world’s first solubilized keratin,” according to the company. Using Cynatine HNS Keratin, the product is intended to reduce skin wrinkles and lines, increase skin elasticity, and encourage repair of damaged hair and nails.

Biotin was added to the product because this B vitamin may encourage stronger nails and thicker, healthier hair.

The product is intended for the “beauty from within” cosmetics sector.

“We are thrilled to introduce Keratin Booster to the natural marketplace and know consumers will be excited about its extensive beauty benefits,” said Naomi Whittel, CEO and founder of Reserveage Organics. “We are always looking to bring fresh and healthy options to consumers. Keratin Booster is the newest innovation of our ‘beauty from within’ formulations, an extension of our award-winning Collagen Booster product.”

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