Company to Market High-Purity Mushroom Beta Glucan


ImmunoMedic (Oslo, Norway) has announced plans to market a certified organic, oyster mushroom beta glucan ingredient for North America.

ImmunoMedic (Oslo, Norway) has announced plans to market high purity (93%) mushroom beta glucan in North America. Called Betox-93, the company’s 1,3/1,6 glucan ingredient is derived from certified organic oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus), also known as hiratake mushroom.

Due to their ability to stimulate the immune system, beta glucan ingredients are gaining in popularity, primarily in the immune health dietary supplement market. Other areas of application include skincare and wound care.

ImmunoMedic contends that while typical beta glucan purity claims are often at 75%, Betox-93 boasts 93% purity. The high purity is due to micronization of particles, says ImmunoMedic.

Betox-93 is free of proteins, fats, taste, and odor.

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