Company Launches Ethnic and Origin–Specific Dietary Supplements


MiGenetics now offers dietary supplements aimed at the specialized needs of African, Asian, European, and Hispanic descendants.

MiGenetics (Washington, DC), a manufacturer of dietary, health, and weight loss supplements, has introduced a line of dietary supplement products intended to meet the specific health needs of individuals, based on ethnic origin and native background.

“People of the world are not the same,” says Dr. Roger Roff, CEO of VibraGene (Dillon, SC), a genetic brokerage firm. “Consequently, each ethnic group needs the nutritional reinforcements that match their specific genetic requirements.

The ethnic and origin–based products include African Descent, Asian Descent, European Descent, and Hispanic Descent. Each product provides more than 100 all-natural whole foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals compatible for each origin, according to the company.

“When compared to other ethnic groups, African-Americans are traditionally diagnosed at higher rates cases of high blood pressures, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease,” said the company in a recent press release. “The African Descent supplement contains amaranth, one of the grains highest in fiber content…making it an effective natural agent against cancer and heart disease. MiGenetics also features dozens of rare, all-natural native whole foods, ancient grains and antioxidant rich berries of African origin.”

For more information on this product line, visit MiGenetics.

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