Companies Form Organic Trade Association of India


The organization hopes to increase India's organic consumers and organic exports.

In an effort to increase consumption of organic products in India, leading organic trade companies in the country have come together to form the Organic Trade Association of India (OTA India).

Yahoo! News reports that the formation of OTA India is a response to low organic exports from India (estimated at just 0.5% of global organic exports) and a desire to increase organic food consumption in the country. OTA India aims to increase India’s organic outlets and organic consumers, which are estimated at around 1 million.

The organization was kick-started earlier this month by Shri Siddharth, joint secretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry which appears to have an interest in increasing organic exports from India.

OTA President and Morarka Foundation Executive Director Mukesh Gupta said during the launch:

"Organic produce is [no longer] considered an elitist product,” said Mukesh Gupta, OTA India president and executive director of the Morarka Foundation (Jaipur, India), a nonprofit organization that promotes organic agriculture and product development. “The concept of value for money to cater to India market is visible now as the wholesale prices are only 10% above the conventional level while the retail price difference from conventional is only 15–20% in most of the food products".

Added OTA Secretary and Pure Diets India Ltd (PDIL) Director Pradeep Mathur,

OTA India Secretary Pradeep Mathur added, "We are not looking at the Government for any financial support or funds to grow. The Indian organic industry is mature enough and is not looking for any incentives. But, we are certainly seeking trade support and easing of restrictions that curtail export growth.”

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