ColorMaker Premiers Natural Food Dyes


The retail product is a refreshing turn away from your childhood's artificial dyes.

For decades, it was almost a given that retail food dyes were sourced from artificial colors such as Red 40. But natural color exploration has come a long way ever since, and today’s home bakers don’t have to be stuck in the past. That’s why industrial color specialist ColorMaker (Anaheim, CA) is introducing Color Garden-a 100% plant-based food colors retail product.

Color Garden dyes are available in four basic colors sourced from an interesting variety of plant ingredients. Natural red is composed of beet juice and purple carrot juice. Yellow is sourced from turmeric. Blue is sourced from red cabbage juice. And orange is made possible with annatto, caramel color, and beet juice.

Check out the Color Garden twitter page for a look at these natural colors in action.

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