Coleus Softgels Now Possible


Sabinsa says its new coleus paste is the "purest coleus extract on the market."

Thanks to some pioneering by ingredient supplier Sabinsa Corp. (East Windsor, NJ), dietary supplement manufacturers can now market coleus softgels. The development represents a novel delivery for Coleus forskohlii and what Sabinsa says is “the purest form of coleus extract” on today’s market.

Coleus forskolii, or forskolin,is an herb used in Hindu and Ayurvedic medicine. The roots of this plant contain active amounts of forskohlin, a compound that researchers speculate may support bone mineral density and testosterone, while increasing lean body mass. TV personality Doctor Oz referred to coleus as a “miracle flower to fight fat,” which explains recent increases in coleus supplement popularity.

Usually, coleus extract is available in powder forms suitable for tablets and capsules, but Sabinsa marketing manager Shaheen Majeed says these delivery systems can be quite troublesome. “The powder sometimes can limit the formulations, and tablet dissolution profile needs to be observed for the added excipients in the formulation,” says Majeed. “You don’t have these issues with softgels.”

The basis for creating coleus softgels is a coleus paste made from Sabinsa’s clinically tested Forslean extract, provided without chemical solvents. The coleus paste is available with 10% or 20% forskohlin content, depending on the customer’s preference.

Photo courtesy of Sabinsa Corp.

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