Cocoa’s Star Is Set to Rise as Health Ingredient


New Nutrition Business says that cocoa may become “a health ingredient as successful as cranberries."

Cocoa is at a “tipping point” as a health ingredient, said Julian Mellentin, director of consultancy New Nutrition Business, in a recent press release. Mellentin said that with developments such as the Article 13.5 health claims application that cocoa producer Barry Callebaut recently filed linking cocoa flavanols with healthy blood flow, cocoa may become “a health ingredient as successful as cranberries,” he said, especially in the area of heart health. More than 100 clinical studies have been published exploring cocoa’s benefits for cardiovascular health, he says.

Mellentin added that more consumers are also linking the benefits of cocoa-mostly as dark chocolate-with health benefits. He says that cocoa will “make its mark” as a health ingredient in more good-for-you products that carry a healthy, nutritious image, such as beverages and bars, rather than in strictly confectionery products.

New Nutrition Business covered the potential market for cocoa in a new report.

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