Coca-Cola Shareholders Concerned over BPA


Shareholders behind 26% of Coca-Cola shares have backed a resolution relating to BPA risk assessment.

Shareholders representing 26% of Coca-Cola shares are in support of a resolution that calls for the company to explain its plans for continued use of the chemical biosphenol-A (BPA) in Coca-Cola products.

The resolution was introduced by the nonprofit organization As You Sow; socially responsible investment firms Domini Social Investments and Trillium Asses Management Corp.; and several religious institutional members. In 2010, a similar resolution was introduced and it garnered support from 22% of Coca-Cola's investors.

As You Sow reports that while Coca-Cola has eliminated BPA from its plastic bottles, the chemical can still be found in the plastic lining of its aluminum cans.

BPA is a chemical used in the production of numerous consumer goods, including baby bottles, water bottles, and canned foods. It has been linked to various health risks, including impaired brain function and reproductive problems. In October 2010, Canada became the newest country to place BPA on its list of toxic substances.

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