CLA May Benefit Mild Asthmatics


MacRedmond R et al., “Conjugated linoleic acid improves airway hyper-reactivity in overweight mild asthmatics,” Journal of Clinical & Experimental Allergy, vol. 40 (July 2010): 1071-78.

In what Cognis Nutrition & Health (La Grange, IL) says is the first study of its kind, researchers studied the effects of Cognis’s Tonalin conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) ingredient, touted for weight and body-fat management, on mild asthmatics.

The 12-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, funded in part by Cognis, involved 28 adults (ages 19 to 40) with mild asthma. Subjects were randomized to received 4.5 g/day of CLA or placebo, in addition to their usual asthma treatment.

The researchers found that Tonalin improved airway hyperreactivity in overweight, mildly asthmatic adults. Researchers also determined a significant improvement in the subjects’ tolerance for strenuous exercise. Moreover, Tonalin subjects also reduced their body weight and Body Mass Index by an average of 4.4 lb and 0.5 kg/m2, respectively, which the researchers say was associated with a metabolically favorable change in adipokine concentrations.

“We encourage further studies to elucidate the role of CLA in a broader asthma population,” the researchers stated.

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