Chr. Hansen Recruiting for “Largest Probiotic Immune Study of its Kind”


The company is recruiting over 1000 health adults for a trial on its L. casei 431 strain.

Lately, probiotics have endured a reputation of poor scientific substantiation, thanks to critics including the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA; Parma, Italy); but not for long, says probiotic developer Chr. Hansen (Hørsholm, Denmark). The company is recruiting for a large human trial on common cold/influence incidence and its flagship probiotic strain.

In collaboration with the University Of Copenhagen and the Harrison Clinical Research Group in Munich, Germany, Chr. Hansen will pit 1058 health adults against its Lactobacillus casei 431 ingredient or placebo. Recruitment is taking place from September to November of this year.

Called “The effect of Lactobacilli on the immune system of healthy adults,” Chr. Hansen’s study is being coined by the company as the “largest probiotic immune study of its kind.”

“The study stands out by being very large, by involving healthy people, and by taking advantage of using the same standards and quality tools as pharmaceutical studies,” said Chr. Hansen scientific affairs director Birgit Michelsen.

Further details of the probiotic-immune health study are available at

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