Children's Sleep Formula


Sweet Dreams are sugar-free, vanilla-flavored bears containing Lactium.

In close collaboration with Ingredia Nutritional (France), supplements brand Anlit Advanced Nutrition has developed Sweet Dreams, an advanced product designed to help children ages one to fourteen sleep better during the night. Sweet Dreams are sugar-free, vanilla-flavored bears containing Lactium, a milk casein hydrolysate containing a bioactive decapeptide with relaxing properties. Lactium is a food-grade, patented product that represents a breakthrough in the field of nutrition. It is a unique, innovative, and natural bioactive ingredient with effectiveness supported by a decade of research and strong clinical studies. Anlit has developed a high-stability, anhydrous matrix in addition to single sealed units for each bear to increase the product's shelf life.

Anlit Ltd.,, Booth #2027
Ingredia Nutritional,, Booth #844

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