Carrington Markets Odorless, Flavorless Coconut Oil


The coconut oil is being called a "first of its kind."

Carrington Farms says its has a “first of its kind” cooking oil in its odorless and flavorless coconut oil.

Like other coconut oils, Carrington Farms’ product is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, which the company says are efficiently utilized by the body for energy. But this oil reportedly contains five times more medium-chain triglycerides than conventional virgin coconut oils-and a higher heat point than olive oils.

Intended for cooking, sautéing, and baking, the oil is hexane-free and marketed in a BPA-free bottle.

Carrington’s coconut oil joins a lineup of numerous other coconut, hemp, flax, and chia products from Carrington Farms. For now, the new oil is exclusively available at Walmart stores nationwide. It will be available to more grocers next February.

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