Cargill Gets Patent for Low-Glycemic Sweetener


Xtend sucromalt is a slow-digesting carbohydrate that acts as a sweetener.

Cargill (Minneapolis) now has patent protection on Xtend sucromalt, a low-glycemic sweetener recommended for sustained energy and blood sugar management.

Xtend is produced through an enzymatic process on sucrose and maltose. The resulting product is a carbohydrate mixture that is slow digesting and sweet. At just 4 kcal/g, the sweetener is ideal for applications where a blunted glucose response is desired after eating. The slow-digesting nature of Xtend also warrants its use in beverages and bars intended for sustained energy, says Deborah Schulz, Cargill’s product manager for specialty carbohydrates.

Cargill’s patent covers the Xtend processing method and character, and foods made with Xtend sucromalt. Inquire with Cargill for food patent protection.

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