Capsugel Develops Easy-to-Open Capsules


Easy-to-open sprinkle capsules help consumers who have difficulty swallowing capsules and tablets.

In an effort to make life easier for consumers with difficulty swallowing capsules, Capsugel (Morristown, NJ) now offers an easy-to-open sprinkle capsule. The Coni-Snap sprinkle capsule will be available for finished product manufacturers next year.

For babies, children, elderly, and other consumers who cannot swallow pills, Capsugel’s sprinkle capsules easily unlock so that contents can be sprinkled on foods or mixed into beverages. While the concept of sprinkle capsules is not new, the company recognized that standard capsules require a lot of dexterity and grip strength to release their contents without a mess. Coni-Snap capsules, however, are strong enough to lock during processing chains, but easy enough to open once purchased. Printed arrows on these capsules can instruct users how to separate each capsule-a trick that the company says performed well during in-house consumer tests.

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