Canada Grants Cereboost Ginseng Cognitive Claims


The health claims apply to Cereboost when included at a 200 mg daily dose.

Health Canada has approved Cereboost, an American ginseng ingredient from Naturex (Avignon, France), for cognitive health claims as well as a natural product number (NPN) indicating Health Canada reviewed the ingredient for safety and efficacy.

Cereboost, when included at a 200 mg daily dose, can now tout the following health claims in the Canadian market: 1) helps support cognitive function, 2) helps support cognitive performance, and 3) helps support working memory.

“Our clients will gain multiple benefits from this recognition [by Health Canada],” said Maxence Duprez, sales director for Canada, in a Naturex press release. “They can register their finished products in a shorter period of time and drastically reduce the time-to-market of their launches.”

Read more about current and upcoming regulatory changes in Canada.

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