Calcium-Collagen Ingredient Ready for Foods and Beverages


AIDP's KoAct ingredient is now GRAS-approved.

AIDP (City of Industry, CA) has announced GRAS status for its patented calcium-collagen ingredient KoAct. The ingredient can now be used in functional foods and beverages.

Where calcium and collagen each offer unique support for bone health, AIDP says its KoAct ingredient may be preferred over either individual ingredient because the two ingredients rely on each other to create optimum bone health:

To grow new bone, the body first produces collagen and then calcium attaches to the collagen to mineralize the bone. Collagen provides mechanical strength to structures like bone due to its ability to resist tension. So even if an individual gets an amount of calcium they may still have low bone mineral density and weak bone strength. To maintain optimum bone health, the loss of both calcium and collagen must be addressed.

AIDP says that KoAct is backed by three patents, a human study on bone growth, and animal studies on bone strength and bone mineral density.

KoAct’s GRAS approval was provided by AIBMR Life Sciences Inc. (Puyallup, WA).

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