Cactus Botanics Now Offers American Ginseng


The new raw material joins the company’s recently added Siberian ginseng.

Cactus Botanics (Shanghai, China), has added American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) to its catalog of raw ingredients. The American ginseng supplier also recently announced it offered Siberian ginseng as well.

Though native to eastern North America, American ginseng is widely grown in China and has long been a staple in traditional and modern Chinese herbal medicine. The active constituents are saponins (dammarane-type ginsenosides). American ginseng is high in of Rb1, Rd (PPD classification), and Re (PPT classification) ginsenosides.

“American ginseng may be used in supplements for the following condition-specific support: blood circulation/healthy blood, immune system, central nervous system, and endocrine system,” said Carol Cheow, general manager of Cactus Botanics. “It also has shown good sedative and anti-pyretic properties.”

Cactus Botanics’ American ginseng is available in powder form and is HPLC tested to contain 10% ginsenosides.

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