Brookfield Introduces Peeling Jig


The device measures how easy or difficult it is to peel seals off of containers.

Brookfield Engineering (Middleboro, MA) is now selling a general peeling jig, a device that measures the force required to peel seals off of containers. The TA-GPJ (General Peeling Jig) is a handy tool for manufacturers of foods, beverages, yogurts, and other products that may require sealed containers. It joins an extensive lineup of texture and tension accessories that can all attach to the company’s CT3 Texture Tester.

Ensuring that a product seals properly is important for preventing spoilage and spilled ingredients from a container. To design products that seal effectively (and not too tightly), a sophisticated machine may be preferred over sampling the product with human volunteers.

“The subjective judgment you get from people testing products can be quite different from an instrument that can very quantitatively tell you the force to peel two things apart,” said Bob McGregor, general manager of marketing for Brookfield Engineering, in an interview with Nutritional Outlook. Manufacturers can even save data from this process using Brookfield’s TexturePro CT software, which is compatible with the peeling jig.

The TA-GPJ and other texture and tension accessories are now available for purchase. For more information, contact the company at 800/628-8139.

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