Branded Hydroxytrosol Shows Record ORAC Value


Certified Nutraceuticals tested its Olea25 ingredient through Brunswick Laboratories.

Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. (Murrieta, CA) is reporting that its Olea25 hydroxytyrosol ingredient has the highest ORAC value for any plant extract tested to date.

Brunswick Laboratories (Southborough, MA) confirmed the ingredient’s ORAC value at a record 68,756 µmolTE/g (6,876,600 µmolTE/100 g) across all five predominant free radical species found in the body. That score, says Certified Nutraceuticals, puts Olea25 at an ORAC value 15 times higher than green tea and more than 3 times higher than coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

The use of ORAC testing to determine antioxidant capacity of plants has received criticism of late-primarily due to companies misrepresenting data and overrelying on this single test only-but the assay still holds value in identifying antioxidant capacity in vitro. Lucky for hydroxytyrosol, the ingredient is also backed by clinical studies showing health benefits including cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory support. In 2011, EFSA even granted a health claim for hydroxytyrosol (olive oil polyphenols) and protection of low-density lipoprotein particles from oxidative damage at a minimum daily dose of 5 mg.

Hydroxytyrosol in general is understood as bearing high antioxidant status, but the high standardization of Olea25 is a likely contributor to its record-high ORAC score. “We are the only company worldwide claiming and producing 25% hydroxytyrosol on a dry basis,” says Certified Nutraceuticals. “Other competitors claim higher percentage of hydroxytyrosol based on liquid basis, not dry basis.”

Certified Nutraceuticals recommends Olea25 powder at a daily dose of 100 mg. The patent-pending ingredient is suitable for capsules, tablets, foods, beverages, skin care products, and cosmeceuticals.

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