Bone- and Joint-Health Eggshell Supplier Enhances Website


The company has redesigned its U.S. website, as well as launched a brand new website for the Canadian market.

Membrell LLC (Carthage, MO), a supplier of eggshell and eggshell membrane-derived ingredients for bone and joint health, has redesigned its U.S. Membrell website, as well as launched a brand new Membrell website for the Canadian market. The company’s products include JointHealth, JointHealth Plus Antioxidants, and BoneHealth.

Both websites help educate consumers on joint and bone health, including how health issues can arise, as well as providing a “Nutrition Tips” page and research on the company’s ingredients. Website visitors can also post questions, comments, or testimonials about the company’s products and research on a blog. Another feature allows users to locate retailers nearby, and visitors can also participate in a 10-day challenge and receive a 10-day sample of JointHealth. Finally, visitors can also follow the company through Facebook and Twitter.

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