BLIS K12 Safety Confirmed by Genome Sequence


Results are available in the Journal of Bacteriology.

Stratum Nutrition (St. Charles, MO) says that the recent publication of a BLIS K12 genome sequence will go a long way in supporting the company’s probiotic ingredient.

BLIS K12 (Streptococcus salivarius K12) is a bacterial strain isolated from healthy human saliva, and published research suggests that this strain can create a less hospitable environment for some unwanted bacterium in the mouth. Potential health benefits may include reduced halitosis and protection against dental plaque. Now, a research partnership with Nestlé yields a complete mapping of BLIS K12’s genome sequence, and Stratum says this will add to scientific understanding for the role this probiotic plays in the human mouth:

 “Understanding and availability of complete genome sequences is rapidly becoming a key requirement for safety of probiotics across the globe. The sequencing of the BLIS K12 genome is significant because it allows the company and other independent researchers to rapidly identify the presence (or absence) of nucleotide sequences that are associated with undesirable traits such as virulence factors or antibiotic resistance genes. The BLIS K12 genome does not contain phenotypically active gene sequences associated with these negative traits.”

Stratum is the exclusive distributor for BLIS K12 in the United States, Canada, Europe, and several other territories. Frutarom (North Bergen, NJ) previously distributed the ingredient.

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