Blend of inulin and arabinoxylan may impact the gut microbiome and calorie intake according to recent study


A recent study found the combination of inulin and an arabinoxylan extract, marketed as Naxus by BioActor, helped reduce the intake of calories in ad libitum meals.

Photo © Petrov

Photo © Petrov

A recent study1 found the combination of inulin and an arabinoxylan extract marketed as Naxus by BioActor (Maastricht, Netherlands), helped reduce the intake of calories in ad libitum meals. In the study, 20 healthy men were given either 8 grams per day of the inulin and arabinoxylan mixture or weight-matched maltodextrin control for 21 days. Each participant took both the intervention and control for 21 days, with a 14-day washout period in between.

The primary outcome researchers wanted to measure was the impact this combination had on perceive satiety and appetite. The secondary outcomes were the energy intake of an ad libitum meal, fecal short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) concentration and fecal microbiota composition.

While the intervention did not have any effect on perceived satiety and appetite, the combination of inulin and arabinoxylan extract was associated with a reduction in energy intake in an ad libitum meal, as well as an increase in SCFA concentration and increase in the cell counts of microbial genera, including Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

According to a press release from BioActor, it is not uncommon to see a difference between self-reported appetite and actual calorie intake. The measure of actual food intake is therefore a more objective measure. This means, that while the subjects did not report an increase in satiety or decrease in hunger, the subjects consuming inulin and arabinoxylan did in fact eat less. The elevation of the SCFA acetate, which has the ability to independently influence appetite, may be one explanation for why the subjects ate fewer calories, according to the researchers.

Further research is necessary to understand the ingredient’s mechanism of action and how it might be useful for weight management.


Collins, S.M.; Gibson, G.R.; Stainton, G.N.; Bertocco, A.; Kennedy, O.B.; Walton, G.E.; Commane, D.M. Chronic Consumption of a Blend of Inulin and Arabinoxylan Reduces Energy Intake in an Ad Libitum Meal but Does Not Influence Perceptions of Appetite and Satiety: A Randomised Control-Controlled Crossover Trial. Eur J Nutr. 2023, 62(5): 2205-2215, DOI: 10.1007/s00394-023-03136-6

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