Bühler Promotes Sustainable Rice Processing

Bühler pledges to do its part to promote greater sustainability in the rice growing and processing industry.

As demand for rice increases, and so too will the need for sustainable rice processing methods. Speaking at the European Rice Convention held in Spain this September, Nick Wilkins, head of rice processing for Bühler Sortex Ltd. (London), outlined the latest rice processing challenges and how his company can make business easier.

“There are significant losses in the whole food chain, and around 40% of rice is actually lost in the production process,” said Wilkins. “This situation, coupled with an increase in energy costs, means that sustainability and sustainable rice processing is going to be critical.” Wilkins says his company has at least two rice processing machines that are efficient with energy and resources.

An UltraPoly rice polisher gives millers twice the polishing capacity as previous machines, and an UltraWhite rice whitener can remove the bran off of rice with reduced space requirements and less energy use. Both machines should also increase product yields.