Beneo’s Palatinose Provides Sustained Energy, Alertness to New Drink


Rhino Energy GmbH, Germany’s second-largest energy drink brand, has unveiled Natural Energy & Fruit, which features Beneo’s functional carbohydrate isomaltulose Palatinose,

Rhino Energy GmbH, Germany’s second-largest energy drink brand, has unveiled a new product, Natural Energy & Fruit, which features Beneo’s (Manheim, Germany) functional carbohydrate isomaltulose Palatinose, derived from sugar beet and scientifically shown to provide prolonged energy.

The Rhino beverage is marketed for sustained energy and is being offered as a natural, balanced alternative to stimulant-based energy drinks. The drink also features real cranberry juice and white grape juice and excludes artificial flavorings, additives, or taurine.

The beverage is said to provide the added benefit of alertness. Beneo says this is because Palatinose provides energy over a longer period of time in the form of glucose, the essential energy source for mental and physical performance. Thanks to a steady release of glucose, blood glucose and insulin levels are said to remain consistent, avoiding the “crash” which consumers may associate with more traditional forms of energy drinks. Thus, says Beneo, drinks using Palatinose are able to provide a combination of carbohydrate energy and increased alertness.

Beneo announced another recent energy drink launch featuring Palatinose-Convivo GmbH’s Take Off energy drink. In addition to containing Palatinose, the beverage includes taurine and caffeine.

“There is a growing trend for drinks that help consumers to ‘make it through the day,’” says Tim Van der Schraelen, marketing communication manager for Beneo. “This sub-trend within health beverages is being driven by consumers’ continued need for energy. This need has triggered the creation of increasingly innovative blends of drinks which, as we see with Rhino’s Natural Energy & Fruit sustained-energy drink and Convivo’s Take Off energy blend, not only create but maintain energy for consumers.”

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