Beneo Delivers 2011 Predictions for Weight Management, EFSA, and Energy Drinks


Ingredient supplier Beneo shared a few predictions for the functional ingredient market for 2011.

Ingredient supplier Beneo shared a few predictions for the functional ingredient market for 2011.

EFSA Challenges to Claims

 “2011 looks set to be another year of challenges for the functional food ingredients market. With 80% of 2010’s health claims refused by EFSA, the major challenge for 2011 and beyond will center on how manufacturers can differentiate their products to stand out from the crowd. Manufacturers will have to rethink their products to a certain extent if they don’t want to fall into the commodity trap.

            2011 looks set to be an interesting year, as the functional ingredients industry responds to the challenges of EFSA’s existing rulings. I can see a move from benefit-led marketing toward ingredients-led communication, as the industry continues to find its feet in this challenging new environment. To give an example, we will see more ‘with Bifidus bacteria’ and less ‘increases natural defenses’ messaging in the near future.”

-Tim Van der Schraelen, marketing and communication manager

Weight-Management Market

 “Any items with the seal of approval from EFSA look set to have the competitive advantage in 2011. For those without EFSA signoff, the market will see a move toward the clever reformulation of products to promote nutrient content claims. 

Combined with consumer demand for weight-management products, there will be an increased focus on the caloric value and physiological properties of food and beverage products in 2011, and this will mean the rise of sugar replacers and dietary fibers. This will be further driven by the increasing tension between whether we, as an industry, should be countering obesity or catering to it, and the fact that those who have ingredients such as sugar replacers, which can do both, will be increasingly sought after in the coming year. In addition, fiber could make a comeback in popularity, as consumers continue to link this with feeling fuller for longer.”

-Anke Sentko, vice president of regulatory affairs and nutrition communication

Energy and Performance Drinks

“I believe that 2011 will see new categories appearing in the energy and performance drink sector as consumers demand more natural products. Red Bull and similar shot drinks have their place, but consumers are looking for different ways to get longer-term energy boosts. 

Combine this with the trend of an aging workforce and more people looking for that boost to ‘get them through the day,’ and I predict that we will see a sharp increase in energy and performance drinks that not only contain innovative carbohydrates but also combine fruit and dairy-alternative carriers.”

-Tim Van der Schraelen, marketing and communication manager

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