Bad Review Tactic 5: See the value of negative reviews


A bad online review doesn’t have to hurt-that is, if a nutrition firm already has a recovery strategy in place.

Some marketers believe negative reviews can actually add authenticity to a business’s overall track record online. The reason: If people only see positive reviews, they may think the reviews are being laundered.

Plus, negative reviews offer businesses an opportunity to show customers that the business is determined to uphold a quality standard. “One way negative reviews do add credibility is when a business can also show they’ve satisfactorily rectified an occasional but unfortunate customer experience to the complete satisfaction of that customer,” Bures says. “After all, in the eyes of consumers, it’s never about perfection. It’s about sincerely apologizing and fairly compensating for an honest mistake or inconvenience.”

Adds copywriter Pam Magnuson: “Transparency is increasingly important to the sophisticated buyer today. If a company demonstrates honesty about their product, this again will help build confidence in the company.”

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