Bacopa extract from Natural Remedies now self-affirmed GRAS


BacoMind from Natural Remedies is now self-affirmed GRAS

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Natural Remedies (Bangalore, India) has announced that its standardized bacopa extract, BacoMind, has met the requirements of self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status, based on the evaluation of toxicology and safety data conducted by Soni & Associates Inc. The expert panel individually and collectively concluded that the extract, prepared from the aerial parts of Bacopa monniera, meets GRAS specifications when used at a maximum of 50 mg per serving in foods such as non-alcoholic beverages, candies (such as gummies, and chews), and bakery products, resulting in an estimated maximum daily intake of 316 mg of BacoMind per person, per day.

“Challenges in sourcing Bacopa included unavailability of Bacopa without pesticides, ochratoxins and a sustainable supply chain,” said Suresh Lakshmikanthan, global head of Human Health Business for Natural Remedies, in a press release. “We solved those problems by selecting farms with ideal conditions for cultivation, and training farmers on safe and sustainable cultivation methods to cultivate Bacopa as a pure crop, free from contamination with regular quality checks to produce BacoMind.”

This is the first bacopa extract to achieve self-affirmed GRAS, says the company. AIDP, Inc. is the North American distributor of the ingredient.

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