ATP Supplement Shows Training Benefits


Researchers study Peak ATP and its effects on athletes.

To answer what they say is a lack of research on ATP supplementation in strength-trained individuals, researchers from the University of Tampa have performed a trial on athletes supplementing with Peak ATP, an oral ATP supplement from TSI Group (Missoula, MT).

For 12 weeks, 24 men consumed 400 mg of oral ATP daily throughout resistance training. Researchers assessed each subject for changes in muscle size, strength, and power. Those who supplemented with ATP experienced an average 100% increase in lean body mass, 147% increase in total body strength, and 30% increase in power compared to placebo users. The researchers add that benefits of ATP were further demonstrated by less protein breakdown and the ability to lift heavier weights at greater repetitions.

Results of the study suggest that supplemental ATP may prevent performance declines that result from overexertion. Supplemental ATP likely performs its service by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, but the researchers say the precise mechanisms by which this promotes training improvements are still not fully understood.

The study on oral ATP and athletes is now published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism.

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