Astaxanthin may improve muscle function and strength in elderly, according to new study


A new study conducted in seniors found that astaxanthin may help improve muscle function and strength in elderly adults. 


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A new study conducted in seniors found that astaxanthin may help improve muscle function and strength in elderly adults. Subjects were given either placebo or astaxanthin in the form of AstaMed MYO, a product containing the AstaReal brand of natural astaxanthin from the AstaReal Group (Nacka, Sweden).

In the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 42 subjects between the ages of 65 and 82 were either given placebo or the AstaMed MYO astaxanthin formulation (two capsules per day), which includes 12 mg astaxanthin, 10 mg tocotrienol, and 6 mg zinc, for four months. Both groups also participated in a 12-week exercise training program which consisted of meeting three times per week for 40-60 minutes walking at an incline for increasing intervals.

Results showed that interval exercise time and walking distance significantly improved in both groups following training. However, a significant change in muscle strength was shown in the astaxanthin group alone. “We saw improvements in strength, endurance, and mobility among the study participants who took astaxanthin medicinal formula with a moderate exercise plan,” said Kevin Conley, PhD, the study’s lead investigator and a professor of radiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, in a press release. “This gives clinicians an option for their patients who cannot make the substantial lifestyle changes required to halt the crippling impact of muscle loss.”

Researchers received funding from AstaMed MYO’s manufacturer, Astavita Inc., which is a member of the AstaReal Group. AstaReal Group companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Fuji Chemical Group. The group uses AstaReal as the global brand name for their natural algae astaxanthin products. “We have long been dedicated to undertaking activities that underpin our strong belief that natural astaxanthin has unlimited potential to support human health and nutrition, most notably through our extensive clinical research,” said Andie Long, sales and marketing manager of AstaReal Sweden, in a press release. “The results of this study are incredibly exciting as they show that AstaReal can play a vital role in supporting muscle endurance, strength and mobility, thus combatting the effects of debilitating conditions such as sarcopenia.”


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