Ashwagandha extract from Arjuna Natural supports immune health, says recent study


Results showed that subjects taking ashwagandha saw significant increases in immunoglobulin (Ig), cytokines, and TBNK cells.

Photo © Marina_UA -

Photo © Marina_UA -

A study recently published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine1 investigated the immunomodulatory effect of ashwagandha in healthy adults. In the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, subjects were either give 60 mg of the ashwagandha extract (Shoden from Arjuna Natural, based in Kerala, India) or placebo for a blinded 30-day period followed by an open-label extension study of another 30 days with crossover of the placebo group to the ashwagandha extract.

Results showed that after the first 30 days, subjects taking ashwagandha saw significant increases in immunoglobulin (Ig), cytokines, as well as T cells, B cells, and Natural Killer cells, collectively known as TBNK, the body uses to attack and destroy invading organisms. Compare this to the placebo group which saw a significant decrease in TBNK, and no change in Ig or cytokines. After the extension period, subjects that crossed over to ashwagandha from placebo saw significant increases in Ig, cytokines, and TBNK, while the subjects that remained on ashwagandha saw continued significant improvements in Ig’s, cytokines, and TBNK cells. The researchers concluded that the ashwagandha extract, “significantly improved the immune profile of healthy subjects by modulating the innate and adaptive immune systems.”

“Arjuna developed a proprietary, modern, clean production methods based on ancient Indian processes that standardize the most bioactive components of ashwagandha—withanolide glycosides—to at least 35% concentration, creating a uniquely potent extract,” said Benny Antony, PhD, the company’s Joint Managing Director, in a press release. “Shoden is offered at a very low recommended dose. This opens immense opportunities for formulators who can utilize this potency in their formulations and product variants for better customer relief.”


  1. Tharakan A et al. “Immunomodulatory effect of Withania somnifera (ashwagandha) extract.” Journal of Clinical Medicine, vol. 10 (2021): 3644
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