American Botanical Council Launches Digital HerbalGram


ABC says it will also still continue publishing the print edition of HerbalGram.

Nonprofit group the American Botanical Council (ABC; Austin, TX) has launched a full-color, digital flip-page version of its popular peer-reviewed quarterly journal, HerbalGram. This new digital version, suited for mobile phones and tablets, is available to ABC members through an HerbalGram link on the ABC website,

Notably, ABC says it will also still continue publishing the print edition of HerbalGram, as well as the text-based (HTML) online version that makes several articles from each edition available to non-members.

ABC says that all issues of HerbalGram moving forward will be available in the new digital format, and that the most recent issues-No. 93, 94, and 95-are also now available in the flip-page format. The flip-page version of issue 95 of HerbalGram is available for public viewing from now through the end of October.

“All of us here at ABC are truly excited to make this new way of reading HerbalGram available to our thousands of members in many countries,” says ABC founder and executive director, Mark Blumenthal. “I know that many ABC members, like those of us on the ABC staff, board of trustees, and advisory board, would like to be able to access HerbalGram articles on our mobile devices. That time has now come.”

HerbalGram is best-known for its in-depth, referenced, peer-reviewed articles, as well as [photographer] Steven Foster’s beautiful photography,” Blumenthal adds. “Now, reading HerbalGram on a smart phone or tablet computer will allow ABC members to see his photos in ways they have not been able to previously.”

“We hope that this type of mobile digital access to HerbalGram will bring a new community of readership and membership to ABC,” he concludes. “There is no other publication in the world like HerbalGram, and it is now even easier and more fun to read.”

ABC promotes education on issues regarding herbs, teas, medicinal plants, and other plant-derived materials.

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