Algae Flour Making EU Debut


Whole algalin flour is being touted as a healthy fat replacer for baked goods.

After more than two years of preparation, Roquette Frères (Lestrem, France) and Solazyme Inc. (San Francisco) are bringing their algae-based flour to food products marketed in the European Union.

The collaboration between food ingredients developer Roquette and biofuel producer Solazyme has created “whole algalin flour,” a healthy fat replacer for various baked goods and other products.

“Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals’ whole algalin flour is unlike any food ingredient on the market today, pairing comprehensive health benefits with amazing mouthfeel and texture,” says Roquette nutrition business director Patrick Lapointe. “We look forward to a successful European launch this spring.”

The lipid quality of algae makes it a suitable fat substitute that happens to be low in saturated fat, trans-fat-free, and cholesterol-free. Bonus properties include fiber, protein (expect an algae protein launch in the future), and mouthfeel properties.

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