AKFP Rolls Out New Natural Starches


American Key Food Products (AKFP; Closter, NJ) has introduced native pea starch and arrowroot starch.

To satisfy growing demand for natural, clean label ingredients, American Key Food Products (AKFP; Closter, NJ) has introduced two natural starches: native pea starch and arrowroot starch. Both ingredients can replace conventional starches-and, in some cases, chemically-modified starches-in various food applications.

Consider native pea starch as a viable alternative to native potato starch, an ingredient currently in short supply, says AKFP.

“Native pea starch is a great alternative in foods such as meat and seafood products like surimi, and aseptic soups and sauces,” says Philippe Benyair, AKFP vice president of sales. “Its good water binding and gel formation characteristics also make it useful in dairy products and bakery fillings. This pea starch also improves crispiness and volume in extruded snacks, so this is a very versatile, clean label alternative to potato starch.”

Native pea is neutral in color and taste.

Arrowroot starch makes for clear and smooth gels, and can be used as a thickener in acidic foods like sweet and sour sauces. It is not weakened by acidic ingredients. Arrowroot starch should be a consideration for gluten-free baking, says AKFP.

All starches supplied by the company are GMO-free, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

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