4 Challenges with High-Protein Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt: Protein Masking


Summer is over, but high-protein ice cream and frozen yogurt is in.

High-protein sometimes requires flavor masking and that can be a challenge when formulating frozen desserts.

“We ran into numerous protein-masking issues during our research and development process,” says Anatoly Derin, president and CEO of low-fat, high-protein ice cream brand Dërinice. “We literally tried dozens of different proteins, including soy, rice, pea, and whey. We tried powdered isolates and concentrates, as well as liquid egg protein. We tried raw proteins and hydrolyzed. Yet, the hard work finally paid off when we created our unique blend of flavor, protein, and other ingredients that created a delightful taste across the variety of flavors we offer in our product line.”

The effort proved successful, and Dërinice was named Best Dairy Dessert at the 2014 World Dairy Innovation Awards. The company chose 70% milk protein concentrate as its protein source, not only for its rich concentration of branched chain amino acids but also because it optimized taste and product viscosity, Derin says. Each serving offers as much as 10 g of protein and contains less butterfat than ice cream’s typical 10%–16%, as well as less sugar. The company is now targeting its product to universities and other institutions.

For high-protein frozen treats, typical protein sources are milk protein concentrates/isolates or whey protein concentrates/isolates, says Glanbia Nutritionals’ Fligel. “Milk proteins will provide more of the milky/dairy notes and can be more creamy than whey protein, but whey proteins are used for their high nutritional benefits,” she adds.

Glanbia offers specific ingredients for ice cream and dairy dessert manufacturing that do not require flavor maskers, Fligel says. “They provide a clean dairy flavor that can be easily combined with natural flavors and sugars. Our OptiSol protein ingredient range has several ingredients specific for ice cream/frozen desserts.”


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Photo courtesy of Dërinice

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